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Shell Busey tells you how you can find CV9 Exterior Window Cleaner and his Home Cleaning Formula.

How to use The CV9 Exterior Window Cleaner:

Add 2 Oz CV9 to 1 gal. water. Wet outside windows & frames with hose. Scrub glass with sponge-mop dipped in solution. Rinse very thoroughly, including frames. Thats it!! Your’re finished!! 5 oz to auto washer with water eliminates road film! Cleans, de-fogs eyeglasses, mirrors. For inside windows, spray on diluted mixture.squeegee off. Wipe up excess with cloth. NEVER use undiluted. If outside windows “spot”, squeegee dry. Wear eye Protection when working with spray application.

How to use Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula:

REMOVES Algae, Mildew, Dirt, Grease, & Stains from All Types of Awnings, Decks, Wood, Garages, Driveways, Concrete, Asphalt. Mix 4 level lids into a 3 gallon bucket of hot water.

INTERIOR USES Paint Preparation, Walls, Floors, Countertops, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Ceramic Tile. Mix one level lid into a 3 gallon bucket of hot water.

CLEANS & BRIGHTENS Stucco, Vinyl, Aluminum, Siding, Exterior Shutters, Soffit, Facia, Gutters, Down Pipes. Mix 2 level lids into a 3 gallon bucket of hot water.

Contact the Shell to find out where you can purchase at 604-290-8525


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